martedì 27 gennaio 2015

It's crystal clear: I had to visit Crystal Palace Park

It was a bright sunny morning, this morning, so I took advantage of it and left my hole to go to visit something new: Crystal Palace Park.


Full of different areas that make you feel in a different place from every side of it. I'll try to map it for you:

a- You will start your tour from the Italian Terraces, ancient atmosphere and huge view on London surrounding hills... so relaxing, you will feel like having a real italian "reggia" at your shoulders, with an upper and lower level linked by stairs and sculptures.

b- take one direction or the other and you'll find the egyptian sphinxes, which will bring you on the other side of mediterranean sea, even if you won't feel that hot (it was freezing this morning... lucky me I have my fur!)

c- moving on, go over the concert bowl and enjoy the wide view of the grass surrounded by trees and ponds shining at the sunlight.

d- you'll arrive at the park cafè after a good walk, just to enjoy a whole meal (such fish and chips plates!) or just a hot drink. I opted for the Parma ham and mozzarella panino. Do you think it's good enough for a bear? I appreciated a lot anyway.

e- once ready you can start your tour among the dinosaurs theme park. It's an amazing area full of ponds and falls and plants and flowers, where dinosaurs statues stand for an interesting prehistoric adventure. Jumping in the past you can also listen to Darwin's audio trail to know more about these animals. In case you have forgotten your mobile or don't have an internet connection you can listen here:

f- at the end of it, pass by the children's farm, go through the sport centre (just in the middle of the park) and Crystal Palace stadium, to find yourself back to the grand central walk Here you'll find the I WW bell.

g- the tour is actually complete, I can say (crystal clear!) Crystal Palace is a fantastic park, can't wait to visit it in other seasons to see different colors and shadows.

mercoledì 21 gennaio 2015

Once the musical

Once I knew I was off I decided to book the ticket for Once.

Once I got the ticket I couldn't wait to see the cast playing and singing in Once.

Once I arrived at the Theatre I realized I had also an upgrade to the stalls... for once!

Once I took my seat I could go on the stage as... there's a surprise to discover... at least once!

Once I sat down I could order my cocktail to be delivered "sur place", during the interval, to drink once.

Once the lights went down and the show started I could finally hear "Falling slowly" live for once (or twice).

Once the interval arrived I could receive my Pa Colada at my seat, without drinking it all at once.

Once the show finished I was melancholic but happy as it's been so sweet and emotional, glad I could see it once...

venerdì 16 gennaio 2015

Holidays memories

Holidays are over. I should have written what I did and saw as London was glittering, as usual, but I had my bear-family here and I did everything but ignoring them writing on this blog.

I had such a lovely time, eating out with them, trying new restaurants (oh they are all so cozy in this magic city with a little bear like me!), showing them new sides of London.
So here I am now, with the best moments of Christmas period:

1. Paddington movie: well, it's so sweet you can't stop loving him. Of course I adored it as bear-colleague but even more as the film starts showing an earthquake in Peru that make Paddington take the decision to move to London. Maybe you don't know but I came to London as well after and earthquake and Paddington made me feel again the same emotions of moving on, getting used to a new city, learning a lot of new habits, of course without forgetting some marmelade: let's make life easy!

2. New Year's Eve, we went to see the fireworks at the London Eye. It was simply amazing. First of all when the countdown begins on the Shard, midnight comes, the Big Ben bells start as well as the first fireworks: that's such an emotional moment!
I won't forget this!

3. Christmas lights all over London: just beautiful and warm

Southbank Christmas Market from London Eye

4. Shopping centers windows: always full of fantasy and creative touch

5. Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park: it's so funny when it opens as it's sad when it ends up... waiting for another Christmas to come, next year, and it will be unforgettable as always.

Let's make this 2015 fantastic then!

domenica 23 novembre 2014

London Autumn best 5

Gosh it's Christmas time already.
How does it come time flies so fast in this city?
Well, it has been a wonderful autumn since the last time I wrote you and I have been doing a lot of funny, scary, interesting and lovely things. I'm a really active bear!
Some of them are not on anymore and it's a pity as they were really amazing, some of them are on their way so I will anticipate. So this is my "autumn14-chart". Enjoy!!!

1- Lord of the Dance - Dangerous Games at London Palladium: Michael Flatley's show was in London in September and October. I really couldn't miss it as it was a dream coming true and all my expectations were definitely satisfied. I really appreciated irish music and dance, the story and the epic final I had been watching on the dvd for years.A little melancholy appeared as Mr Flatley told about all the efforts put in this show since he started, but I can say they were worth it!

2- Autumn foliage in London parks. I think pictures talk by themselves. It's one of the best moments of the year and the parks shine of different sparkling colors.

3- London Dungeon: I visited it just between Halloween and Bonfire Night: is there a better moment for that? I was surprised in a positive way: you won't just walk along the justice systems and medieval torture of past London, you will really become part of the show assisting real scenes animated by a cast of actors who could play Shakespeare without any doubt! Thrilling surprises, rides, theatre and culture all mixed up to create a fantastic show. Once out you will appreciate the day-light and enjoy a "chocolate-torture" on the river ;)

4- Wicked: one of my best bear-friends came to visit me and we went to see Wicked at Apollo Victoria Theatre. The Wizard of Oz had a lot of secrets to reveal before Dorothy could discover his world. I really couldn't imagine it! Great cast and voices, special effects that will make you feel in a real-fantasy world so be prepared to defy gravity!

5- Last but not least: Paddington Bear coming to town! This winter will be all for Paddington movie, the famous lovely bear coming from Peru and facing a lot of adventures in London. The city is full of statues to find, like hidden gems to look for and I really enjoy going around to meet him and asking him suggestions about how to survive as a little bear in this wonderful and challenging town. Waiting for the movie I will try to find as many Paddington as I can! It will always be a pleasure to greet him!

So what's your favourite autumn London activity? Don't be shy and let me know!

giovedì 28 agosto 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday Teddy

August is flying away, but I can't forget this is Teddy's second birthday.
My little Teddy Bear has become to me such a lovely voice to tell London daily life with different eyes, different dimensions, different points of view, it's not that easy to consider things through the eyes of a little pet! However it's funny and delicate at the same time and, even when life gets busy, I want to find some time for Teddy.
London is such an amazing city there would be something to talk about every day, it's a real door on the world, be sure that whatever happens on hearth you will touch and experience a part of it in London. And that's basically the main reason why I love this city so much.

So happy birthday Teddy, with the purpose of experiencing, having fun, discovering, developing, creating, enjoying new talents and pleasures, taking the best side of life. That is what I wish to all those who will see these pages, by chance or interest.

sabato 23 agosto 2014

A Cupcake-affaire

Summer is made for memories to build and they can be related to places, people, feelings, sounds, food. And flavours that remain in your brain more than in your mouth.
So I will absolutely remember this summer for new cupcakes I have tasted.
It was a grey, fresh (uhm... cold I'd say) day and I was wandering in London-town when I suddenly met a bright lovely light-blue carriage full of inviting different cupcakes: Lola's cupcakes.
I immediately saw myself in my hole with some of those sweets and a cup of hot and warming tea. So I decided for 4 of them (the choice was not easy indeed!): the salted caramel, the black forest, the macadamia&dark chocolate, the cheese icing and I have to admit: this one has completely seduced me.
The cake is soft and fluffy, the mix of icing and jam, nuts and other flavours well balanced and really creative.
It's possible to choose between 2 different sizes, and -as a bear- I should have chosen the smallest, but I like challenges and I am a brave bear so I took the bigger ones. It's time to prepare the energy to face the colder season after all!
Well done Lola!

L'estate è fatta per i ricordi da costruire e possono provenire da luoghi, persone, sensazioni, suoni, cibo. E sapori che rimangono in testa molto più a lungo che fra i denti.
Così sono certo che ricorderò questa estate per aver provato nuovi cupcakes.
Era una giornata grigia e fresca (oserei dire proprio fredda!) e stavo vagando giù in città quando improvvisamente ho incontrato un carretto azzurro pieno di cupcakes tutti diversi e tanto invitanti: Lola's cupcakes.
Mi sono visto subito nella mia tana con alcuni di quei dolcetti e una tazza di te caldo.
Così mi sono deciso per 4 (scelta per niente facile!): caramello salato, foresta nera, noci di macadamia e cioccolato, copertura alla cheesecake, e devo ammettere quest'ultimo mi ha completamente sedotto.
Il tortino è assolutamente soffice e morbido, il mix di coperture e marmellate, frutta secca e altri ingredienti ben bilanciato e molto creativo.
Si può scegliere fra 2 dimensioni, e come orsetto avrei dovuto prendere i più piccolini, ma a me piacciono le sfide e sono molto coraggioso così ho preso i più grandi. E' tempo di preparare le energie per affrontare le stagioni più fredde dopo tutto.
Ben fatto Lola!

mercoledì 30 luglio 2014

A bear-postcard for you

I know it's raining a lot around Europe and Italy, but summer is keeping good in London by now, with some whole sunny days, really lovely to enjoy.
Today I was going around in Kensington Gardens as I found this little cute statue that seemed to be made for little bears, so this is my postcard of the day for you.
With love,

So che sta piovendo molto in certe zone d'Europa e in Italia, ma l'estate si sta mantenendo buona a Londra con alcune giornate soleggiate davvero amabili e godibili.
Oggi ero in giro ai Giardini di Kensington quando ho trovato questa piccola adorabile statua che sembrava fatta proprio per piccoli orsetti, così ve la trasmetto come cartolina del giorno per voi.
Con affetto
il vostro Teddy